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Medical Facelift

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What is Non-Surgical MasterDerm Facelift?

MasterDerm is a high performance mask (alcoholic based), which after four days reverses several years of UV damage and general ageing (up to 20 years).

  • The procedure only takes one 90 minute session
  • Smooths forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet
  • Recovers skin texture
  • Removes pigmentation and sunspots
  • Improves sagging jowls, lip volume and lines
  • All rejuvenation processes work at epidermal level

The MasterDerm Peel (chemical peel) is a revolutionary new technique that not only helps clear the skin of pigmentation, wrinkles, scarring and sun damage, but can also tighten the skin like a face lift. The main difference between a traditional facelift and the MasterDerm treatment is that a facelift merely stretches old skin whilst the MasterDerm actually regenerates the skin to be transformed into baby new skin. The method removes the old skin with its scars, wrinkles and skin blemishes, and exposes new skin underneath. The skin will therefore have a tighter, smoother appearance and the face will look 5 - 20 years younger.

The MasterDerm peel is specially formulated to be applicable on most skin types. The peel is an alcohol based formulation mixed together with a peptide (protein blocks) to achieve a balance of the best, deep but auto stop penetration through the skin, and an excellent level of safety for the patient. This peeling causes precise coagulation and denaturation of the old skin. The process encourages healthy skin to develop and renew itself from epidermal stem cells. It also encourages the production of natural collagen in the dermis (deep skin layer), thus the life effect. For this very reason there is no risk of distortion of facial features, quite the opposite it will even out any discoloration the patient may have had.

Background Information

In June 2010, an article published by the Dermatologic Surgery, based on 24 different studies, confirms that even with a greater number of tools in our armamentarium for the treatment of ageing skin, we still need a combination of regimes for targeting different components of the process.

Patients are now able to have greater cosmetic results. Cosmetic surgery is not the answer for all, due to cost, surgical risks, downtime and mainly because it does not address skin problems. Other procedures have to be added on to improve skin problems like pigmentation, texture, keratoses etc.

Ablative lasers do provide great cosmetic results, with a minimum of 7 to 9 days down time, high cost and higher risk of complications. Although Co2 laser resurfacing provided a significant greater degree of wrinkle reduction compared to NON Ablative lasers and IPL (up to 40% wrinkle reduction), patients expressed a preference for a series of IPL over Co2 resurfacing due to the level of associated risk.

The most common complications of Laser resurfacing are; prolonged erythema, pigmentation changes and milia.

MaterDerm provides extraordinary cosmetic results, with minimal risk, rapid recovery (4 days) and much more affordable than other modalities.

MasterDerm was developed in Brazil by a Professor in Pharmacology, who has been applying this treatment extensively for the last 10 years. Brazil is recognized as the leading country in the world for plastic and cosmetic procedures. According to official statistics, more than 400,000 operations are performed worldwide every year. The Brazilian School of Plastic Surgery is undeniably the most famous in the world. Many plastic surgeons from Europe and USA strive to be accepted by the school to complete their post-doctorate training courses. The latest operational techniques and methodologies are constantly being developed in Brazil.

On the topic of plastic surgery, there is no better place to learn than with the professors and specialists of the Brazilian School of Plastic Surgery.

Dr Soraya Felix completed her education with the Brazilian School of Plastic Surgery and was trained by the actual professor who developed the MASTERDERM treatment. Dr Soraya Felix is the only practitioner in Australia qualified to provide this intricate treatment which provides unparalleled results.