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A new frontier in stem cell therapy

Last week, Suzie Palmer, 44, travelled from her home in NSW to the Gold Coast for her second round of stem cell treatments for multiple sclerosis. OnTuesday morning, the wheelchair-bound poet underwent liposuction.

By 2.30pm, stem cells had been partially separated from her abdominal fat, suspended in plasma, and injected intravenously. Her doctor, Soraya Felix, is a cosmetic surgeon and molecular biologist with a sideline in regenerative medicine.

Palmer, a relentlessly upbeat and positive person, says the treatments have helped her cope better with heat, improved her mobility and flexibility and otherwise made her "feel like a normal human being". She has, she says, managed a few steps with a walker, still a long way from "running about, which is my dream". Read More

Gold Coast's Medical Breakthrough

A Gold Coast doctor is changing lives... After developing a world-first treatment using stem cells and peptides.
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Hot shot fix to women's sex drive

A GOLD Coast doctor has become the first in Australia to offer the revolutionary ''OMG shot'' that uses a woman's own blood to increase her sexual pleasure.

Southport-based stem cell physician Dr Soraya Felix, a breast cancer survivor, was hunting for a way to improve her own sex life after chemotherapy when she stumbled on the treatment in America.

Dubbed ''Viagra for women'', the injection can help women who have had cancer treatment, women who have gone through menopause or women who just want to spice things up in the bedroom.

The procedure involves a certified doctor injecting a woman's own blood platelets near her cervix. The results vary depending on the woman's health and last for eight to 12 months.

Dr Felix said she was completing her stem cell diploma when she discovered the shot and decided to give it a go. ''I had it done because I was looking for extra stimulation after my cancer treatment and found it gave me no discomfort, no side-effects and it was successful,'' she said.

''I decided while I was in America I would become qualified to give the shot and bring it to Australia.

''It will help thousands of women.

''Men have many products to help and some even take Viagra for pleasure, not dysfunction, so it is time for the women. Read More

Kay's New Lease on Life after Stem Cell Therapy for MS

Kay’s story has strong parallels to one aired last week on television show Sixty Minutes, detailing how a young mother had to travel to Russia for stem cell treatment to stop her continued decline caused by multiple sclerosis. Read More