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Anti-wrinkle Injectables

Some facial lines are best treated by reducing or eliminating their cause - the cause being the repeated activity of certain muscles. Such instances are most commonly frown lines, sometimes forehead lines, and occassionally crow's feet. This is done by preventing contraction of the specific muscles by injecting them with toxin. It is derived from bacteria grown in the laboratory but there are no bacteria in the injection. This specially prepared toxin paralyses muscles into which it has been directly injected.

The method of administration involves injecting a tiny amount of the toxin into the muscles causing lines. It is quick and simple. The injection causes about 30 seconds of stinging, after which it is completely painless. Rarely there may be slight bruising or swelling. Following treatment patients must resist massaging the treated area for 4 hours (this could spread the toxin into undesired areas).

The effects will be noticeable 3 to 5 days later and will last for a variable time between 3 and 6 months. After this time, further injections will be needed to maintain the effect. With the passage of time the skin creases (wrinkles) overlying the paralysed muscles gradually fade. In the frown area often a smaller repeat dose is needed at longer intervals as the frown muscles slowly weaken. (This does not occur in the crows feet area as 'smile' muscles never weaken) This type of treatment can only be applied to certain wrinkles. Obviously if upper lip muscles were paralysed talking and eating would be difficult! Likewise, creases on the cheeks could be diminished in exchange for the inability to smile. For these reasons (with a few rare exceptions) toxin treatment is limited to muscles around and above the eyes.

Complications are rare but can occur. The most common problem is a partial eyelid droop, occuring in about 1%^ of injections in the frown area and lasting up to 6 weeks. It always spontaneously resolves. Allergy to the toxin is theoretically possible but has not yet been reported. Like any injection a bruise can result, or a small tender spot - these uncommon side effects are always temporary.